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Outstanding Balance Confirmation Letter to the Customer

Balance confirmation letters are required not only to match the books of accounts of the concerned parties for any errors, but also it is essential for audit purposes. It may be considered as evidence in the future.

how do i write a confirmation letter for balance
One party may write to the other party seeking balance confirmation on a certain date. The other party should provide the confirmation on the balance, and ask the first party to match the same with the balance as per their records.

Here is an example of such a letter for confirming outstanding balance to customers. Please modify the details accordingly.


Date: ________

(Name of the Customer)
(Phone Number)

Sub.: Balance confirmation as on (Date).

Dear Mr./Ms. ________,

This is with reference to your letter vide ref no. _______ dated ________ seeking confirmation from us with respect to the balance outstanding for your account in our books of accounts as on (Date).

This is to certify that in accordance with the books of accounts of (Name of the Company/Firm), the outstanding balance of (Name of the Organization) as on (Date) is (Amount in Figures) (Amount in Words).

You are kindly requested to check the same with your books of accounts. In case of any discrepancy, please write to us within __ days.

In case we do not receive any response from you by (Date) on any further changes or adjustments on the same, it will be presumed that our books of accounts are matched with your books.

Should you have any questions concerning this, please contact the undersigned at (Phone Number).

Thanking you,
Yours faithfully,

(Name of the Officer)

Outstanding Balance Confirmation Letter to Customer format


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