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Permission Letter to Employee for Leave from Work (Sample)

All employees of an organization are required to obtain approval before going on leave (absence from work due to personal reasons).

permission letter for leave in office
Some companies may allow a leave application from an employee after he goes on a leave in case of any emergency. Leave application can be made in writing either by a letter or an email depending on the company's policy. The employees can also seek a written approval or permission letter for leave from their employer.

Here is such a confirmation or permission letter for leave of absence from work of an employee. Modify it appropriately.


Date: _________

(Name of the Employee)
Employee Code: ______
(Name of the Department)

Reg.: Your leave application dated _______.

Dear (Name),

We have received your leave application letter dated ________ seeking ___ days of leave of absence from work due to illness/ maternity leave/ sickness of mother/ marriage/ travel abroad.

This is to confirm that your leave application has been approved starting from (Date) and ending on (Date). You are therefore required to join back to duty on (Date). In case you desire to seek additional leave time, please make a fresh leave application well in advance.


(Name of the Officer)
(Name of the Organization)