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Application Letter to Bank for Reduction in Credit Card Limit

A credit card holder may decide to reduce the credit limit on his credit card account with any bank or financial institution.

credit card limit reduction request letter format
Banks may not accept such a request from the customer over the phone or email for reduction in credit limit. You will have to submit a written application letter to the bank or submit it at the branch so that they can take action on it.

Here is an example of such an application for reduction in credit card limit. Please check the bank's website to find the address to which it is to be addressed.


Date: _________

(Name of the Customer)
Mob. _________

The Manager
Credit Card Division
(Name of the Bank)
(Office Address)

Sub.: Reduction of credit limit of my credit card account.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am a credit card account holder of ______ Bank. My credit card number is ____________. The present credit limit on this credit card is (Amount).

I hereby kindly request you to reduce the credit limit on my credit card account from (Amount) to (Amount).

Existing limit: _________.
New limit: __________.

Reason: In light of the rising frauds and scams in banking sectors, especially through cybercrime, I have decided to reduce it. With a high rate of interest on loans on credit cards, I do not intend to use such a high credit limit in the future.

I am enclosing herewith self-attested copies of my PAN card and credit card for verification purposes.

Kindly do the needful and oblige.

Thanking you,
Yours faithfully,

(Name of the Customer)

Enclosure: Self-attested copies of PAN card and credit card.

Application Letter to Bank for Reduction in Credit Card Limit