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Apology Note Email for Missing Lunch Date/ Dinner Party

Missing lunch/dinner dates with someone close to you or a professional acquaintance looks really bad on you. You must apologize to that person as soon as possible with genuine reasons.

apology note for missing a dinner party
Just apologizing will not be enough. You have to seek another date for meeting and eating food together in a particular restaurant or somewhere else.

Here are samples of such apology notes for your reference. Please modify them suitably.

(Apology for Missing Lunch Date)

Dear (Name),

I am so sorry to have missed our lunch date yesterday. I know making excuses won't make up for the annoyance that it must have caused you.

Please know that I had already marked the date in my planner, and was all set to attend it yesterday. However, I was so busy at work that it slipped my mind unintentionally. I admit that it was completely my fault.

How about I treat you to lunch next _____day at the (Name of the Restaurant), (Location) at (Time)? I have set several reminders on my phone, and placed various colored notes around my apartment for the next time. I am determined to not miss it again. It will be my treat, of course.


(Apology for Missing Dinner Party)

Dear (Name),

I apologize sincerely that I was not able to attend your dinner party yesterday. I know it doesn't look good at all when I gave my confirmation to attend it but failed to do so.

I hate to make excuses. Yesterday night, I had to take my mother to a hospital as she suddenly started having breathing problems. She is better today.

I have heard from other guests that the food items were absolutely extravagant. I feel bad to have missed it. Maybe I will be lucky next time.