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Request Letter to the Chief Minister for Financial Help

The Chief Minister of any state is a busy person. He does not have time to go through each and every request put forth to him. However, there are personnel employed to do it on his behalf. He finally approves or rejects based on genuine grounds as recommended, and by abiding prescribed rules.

application to chief minister for financial help
In case, you want to get some financial help from the CM under some schemes or in general, then you can write to the CM office with all the details and proofs of your request. They will go through the same and may respond appropriately.

Here is a sample of such an application letter to the Chief Minister of your state seeking financial aid from his funds for medical treatment.


Date: ________

(Name of the Person)
(Home Address)
Pincode: ______
(Phone Number)

Mr./Ms. (Name of the CM)
The Chief Minister

Sub.: Kind request for financial assistance.

Respected Sir/Madam,

I am a resident of (Name of the Locality) in the district of ________. There are six members in my family i.e. my parents, my wife, son, daughter and myself.

I have a small job at the ________ factory/company, (Location). I work as a (Designation) and earn around (Amount) per month. With this little money, somehow we manage to survive our lives.

I was having some stomach ailments lately. I was taking medications for it. When it became unbearable, I went through several tests and checkups. I was finally diagnosed with stomach cancer in (Month, Year) at the _______ Hospital.

Since then it has been a nightmare for our family. I have very low savings. I had not subscribed to any good health insurance to cover such large expenses. Now my family is at a juncture in life where our future is quite unsecured. My parent's health condition and my children's career are at stake.

Therefore, I kindly request you to grant me financial aid for an amount of ________ to cover the medical expenses for my treatment. My whole family and I shall forever be indebted to you.

Thanking you,
Yours sincerely,

(Name of the Person)

Enclosure: My Aadhar card copy and medical reports' copies.

Request Letter Format to the Chief Minister for Financial Help