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Sample Letter of Intent to Buy Products from a Business

In a letter of intent, an individual or an organization expresses its interest to purchase certain products or services from a business organization.

free sample letter of intent to purchase goods
A letter of intent is the first step of establishing a buy-sell relationship. It is generally followed by placing a purchase order for an actual purchase of the goods.

Here is an example of such a letter of intent from a party to another showing interest to buy products or avail services. This is for your reference. You can modify it suitably as needed.


Date: _________

(Name of the Employee)
(Name of the Organization #1)
(Office Address)
Tel. ________

Sub.: Purchase of goods.

Dear Ms./Mr. _______,

We at (Name of the Organization #2) hereby express our intent to purchase some of the products from (Name of the Organization #1).

We enclose herewith a list of all such products that we want to buy from you. We have mentioned the product specifications in the list including the brand, model number, size, quantity required, desired date of delivery, and other conditions.

Kindly review the same and provide us with a detailed quotation including pricing and any associated terms and conditions. We are willing to pay half of the quoted and agreed amount as advance and the rest of the amount will be cleared off after receipt of the complete delivery to the satisfaction.

Thanking you,


(Name of the Employee)
(Name of the Organization #2)

Encl.: As above.

Sample Letter of Intent to Buy Products from a Business