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Sample Self-Employment Declaration Letter by an Individual

A self-employment declaration letter from a person can be asked for to prove his income source to the intended recipient of the letter viz. landlord, banker, etc.

self employment declaration letter
It is a document that discloses information about an individual's status of work as being self-employed and the source from which he earns money on a regular basis. The letter will help him get some services from the intended recipient of the letter.

Here is an example of such a Self-Employment Declaration Letter. Please add all necessary details and make necessary modifications.



I, (Name of the Person), son/daughter of (Name), aged ___ years, hereby declare and affirm that I have been self-employed for a period of ___ years and ___ months under the business name "________________".

The nature of my business/profession is as follows:
i) ________________________________________,
ii) _________________________________________.

I have been operating my business from the address __________. A copy of the business license and registration is enclosed herewith.

My gross income for the previous financial year _______ was (Amount in figures) (Amount in words). My gross income for the current financial year _______ until (Date) has been (Amount in figures) and is expected to be (Amount in figures) in total by the end of the financial year. I hereby have enclosed photocopies of the Income-tax returns for the previous two financial years.

I am providing herewith the contact information of certain people who can vouch for the accuracy of my statements made here.
1) (Full Name), (Phone Number) - Relationship (Lawyer).
2) (Full Name), (Phone Number) - Relationship (Supplier).
3) (Full Name), (Phone Number) - Relationship (Customer).
4) (Full Name), (Phone Number) - Relationship (Accountant).

I hereby declare that the information furnished hereinabove is true, complete and accurate to the best of my knowledge and belief. I understand that in the event of any information being found false or incorrect at any stage, I am liable to appropriate negative consequences including legal action against me.


(Name of the Person)

Date: ________
Place: ________

Sample Self-Employment Declaration Letter by an Individual