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Sample Letter from Bank for International Student Admission

When a student is selected for admission in an international institution, the institute will ask for several documents before admitting the student.

bank reference letter for student visa
One of such documents is a confirmation letter from the bank where the father/ mother of the student has an account in which enough funds are available to show that the educational and other costs can be met out of it while the student lives abroad.

Here is an example of such a confirmation letter from the bank for a student visa for studying abroad.


Date: _________

The Admissions Office
(Name of the Educational Institute)
(Complete Address)

RE: Admission of Mr./Ms. (Name of the Student).

Dear Sir/Madam,

We understand that Mr./Ms. (Name of the Student), son/daughter of Mr./ Mrs. (Name of the Father/ Mother), is applying for admission in your institution.

In this connection, we hereby provide you the following information:

i) Mr./ Mrs. (Name of the Father/ Mother) has maintained an active account at our bank since (Date). The account is maintained to the satisfaction of the bank.

ii) Mr./ Mrs. (Name of the Father/ Mother) has a financial holding of at least (Amount in Foreign Currency) (Amount in Words) in his/her account bearing number _________ maintained with us.

iii) In our opinion, Mr./ Mrs. (Name of the Father/ Mother) will be able to meet all the expenses likely to be incurred for the studies of Mr./Ms. (Name of the Student) at your University during (Year-Year), including tuition fees, food, medical and personal expenses, etc.

iv) Our bank has no restrictions at present on transfer of funds to (Name of the Country). Our SWIFT code is __________.

We certify the above information and statements. It is true and correct to the best of our knowledge and as per our records. Please note that the information provided hereinabove is to be kept in strict confidence.

(Name of the Officer)
(Designation)                        (Bank Seal)
___________ Bank
Branch Code: ______
Employee Code: ______