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Letter notifying Creditor the Death of a Deceased Borrower

It is important that the closest family member(s) of a deceased person intimate the credit bureaus about the death of that person.

how do i write a letter to creditors of a deceased person
Here the credit bureaus or the creditors are the ones from whom the deceased person had borrowed money or is indebted to in some ways. It is necessary to intimate because the family members or the loved ones of the deceased can become victims of identity theft, and can be the target of some scammers. 

The following letter is an example of such an intimation letter on the death of the deceased borrower.


(Name of the Creditor)
(Business Address)
(Phone Number)

Date: __________

RE: Intimation of death of (Name) and his/her estate. (Account No. ______________.)

Dear Sir/Madam,

This letter is to inform you that (Name of the Borrower) has passed away. It is requested that a formal death notice be added to his/her file in your accounts.

The deceased’s full name was ____________. He/She was born on (Date) at (Place). He died on (Date) at (Place of death). At the time of death, his/her place of residence was (Full Address). His/Her social security number was ___________. His/Her account number with you was _________.

He/She has not left behind any assets. There is no money to pay what he/she owes. Please consider writing off this debt because there is no prospect of ever recovering the debt owed. Please write back to me to confirm your decision. Also, please find it in your heart to forgive him/her.

My name is ____________. I am the deceased's heir / executor. I have enclosed herewith the following documents for your information and records. (1) Certified copy of the death certificate, (2) Proof of relationship with the deceased, (3) Power of Attorney, if any and (4) Proof that requester is Executor or Trustee of Estate.

Thank you for your assistance. Please contact me if you have any questions in this regard, or require any further information.

(Name of the Sender)
(Communication Address)
(Phone Number)
(Email Id)

Letter notifying Creditor the Death of a Deceased Borrower