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Termination Letter during Probationary Period due to Poor Performance

During the probationary period of an employee, the employer reserves the right to terminate his employment contract with or without assigning any reasons. Generally, most of the employment contract has a condition on such termination.

termination letter due to poor performance during probation
The whole purpose of placing a person on probation is to test his capabilities and suitability for the concerned job role. If he fails to perform, then the employer may not be so liberal to continue his employment.

Here is an example of a termination letter during probationary period due to poor performance. Please modify it suitably.


Date: _________

(Name of the Candidate)
Mob. _________

Reg.: Your performance during the probationary period.

Dear (First Name),

Further to our meeting today, where we discussed your unsatisfactory performance during your probation period, we are sorry to inform you that your contract with us stands terminated with effect from (Date).

Since the beginning of your probationary period until today, we have had several meetings and conversations in connection with your poor performance. We made efforts to support and guide you for improvement in your performance.

Unfortunately, we have not seen any major improvement in your performance that is much needed to conduct your job efficiently. Hence, in the interest of the company, we are forced to take a decision on termination.

Please note that you are required to return any company property that might be in your possession within the next ___ days by (Date). Upon receipt of any such assets and proper handover of work, your final pay will be released.

We thank you for the period you served our company and wish you best of luck in your future endeavours.


(Name of the Officer)

Termination Letter during Probationary Period due to Poor Performance