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Manuscript Acceptance Letter from the Publisher to Author

A manuscript is an original copy of a document, book, article, or a piece of music that is given by its author to any publisher for review before its final publication.

sample letter to publisher for publishing the book
Once the publisher reviews the manuscript, he will either accept it for publication or reject it. In both cases, he should intimate the author accordingly.

Here are examples of manuscript acceptance letters from the publishers to the authors. You can modify them as necessary.


                                                (Print it on the letterhead of the organization.)

Date: __________

Manuscript Acceptance Letter

Dear __________,

We are pleased to inform you that our reviewers have accepted and recommended your manuscript entitled “_______________________ (Case Study: _________________)” for publication in the forthcoming issue of Journal of _________________.

Thank you for choosing to publish in our journal.

Best regards,
(Name of the Person)
(Name of the Organization)
(Address) Tel. ________
Email: _______________


Dear __________,

We have read and reviewed your manuscript titled “________________”. Thank you for your patience during our review process. Please consider this letter as an intimation of the formal acceptance of your manuscript for publication in ___________________.

We noticed that you have carried out the revisions as discussed earlier. We will be making some editorial changes ourselves to make it more accessible. You will have such edits to review at the copyediting stage. Our managing editor will contact you soon regarding the copyedit proof stage.

Please note that the copyedit proof stage is a crucial process for the authors to make necessary corrections to their manuscript. You will be given a copyedit proof of your manuscript; please check it thoroughly as no significant changes after this stage are possible. Even minor changes will be very difficult to make.

We encourage the authors to do a few podcasts on the journal/article, which will attract the attention of the audience. The authors can also use other digital and social media platforms to promote their work as it is the age of the internet and digital media.

We look forward to seeing your manuscript in the pages of ___________. We feel that it will make a significant contribution to the field of __________ studies.

We wish you all the very best.

(Name of the Person)
(Name of the Organization)

Date: _______

Manuscript Acceptance Letter from the Publisher to Author