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Request Letter Format for Cancellation of Room Reservation

A written communication is essential for cancelling your room reservation in any hotel. The hotel officials would require the same by either a letter or an email from your official id.

sample letter for cancellation of hotel room reservation
You should clearly mention the details of your booking viz. the dates of check in and check out, details of rooms, etc. You can also demand any refund that you may be eligible due to this cancellation if you had paid money in advance.

Here is an example of such a letter for cancellation of room reservation. Please modify it appropriately.


Date: _________

The Manager
________ Hotel

Sub.: Cancellation of room reservation.

Dear Sir/Madam,

We had made a reservation to stay in your hotel for our guest(s) as per the following details. However, there has been a change of plan due to which we will not be availing the services any more.

Reservation details:
1) Date of check in: ________, Date of check out: ________.
2) Room Type: Suite/Regular,
3) No. of Rooms: ______. 4) No. of Adults: ______.
5) Booking done in the name of _______________.

We now kindly request you to cancel the reservation immediately. We understand that the deposit amount paid to you will not be refunded to us due to this short notice. We are fine with that.

We regret the inconvenience this may cause to you. We apologize to you for the same. Kindly provide a confirmation on the cancellation. Please contact me for any questions in this matter at mob. __________.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.


(Name of the Employee)
(Name of the Organization)

Request Letter Format for Cancellation of Room Reservation