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Letter to Police for taking steps against Anti Social activities

It is the duty of the local residents to complain against the rise of anti-social activities in their locality to the police authority under whose jurisdiction their area comes under.

Complaint Letter for Taking Steps against Anti Social Activities
You can write a letter in a plain paper and submit it to the superintendent of police of the local police station. You can submit it alone; otherwise, you can submit it jointly with some other citizens.

Here is an example of such a complaint letter. Please add or remove matters concerning you in it.


The Superintendent of Police
__________ Police Station

Sub.: Action needed against anti-social activities.

Respected Sir/Madam,

My name is _________. I am a resident of Ward no. ___ at village: ________. I would like to bring to your kind attention that different anti-social activities in our locality are on a rise.

As you are aware that the number of stealing cases has risen significantly in our area, which includes theft from houses, theft on the road and in the public transport. Sometimes, thieves are using guns to scare the local residents to steal from them.

Many anti-social men are creating an unsocial atmosphere by passing slang and remarks to the girls and women walking on the roads or in the public transport.

Local goons and thugs are intimidating the businesspersons and extorting money from them in the name of providing protection.

Therefore, I appeal to your goodself to take immediate action to counter the rising anti-social activities in our locality. The local residents shall highly appreciate your support in this matter.


(Name of the Person)

Dated ________
Place: ________

Letter to Police for taking steps against Anti Social activities