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Sample Complaint Letter to the Pharmacy for Defective Service

People go to the pharmacies to buy medicinal drugs that can be used by a patient to be cured of some diseases.

sample complaint letter to pharmacy
Hence, the accuracy of the prescription medicines is quite essential. Any mistake in it may lead to a severe health crisis. If due to the negligence of the pharmacist, you got the wrong medicines then you have a right to complain about it, and you may take this matter to the legal forum if you feel necessary.

Here is a format of a complaint letter to the owner of a pharmacy regarding a mistake in providing prescription medicines.


Date: _________

(Name of the Owner)
(Name of the Pharmacy)
(Shop Address)

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to express my concern and disappointment at the service at your pharmacy on (Date). I often collect prescriptions from your shop for my family and myself.

On (Date) at around ___ am/pm, I went to your pharmacy to collect the following medicines:
1. (Medicine name), (Quantity), 2. (Medicine name), (Quantity), and 3. (Medicine name), (Quantity).

I was given the medicines in a hurry as there were other customers to attend to, and only one pharmacist was there to serve all. When I arrived at home, and checked on the medicines, I noticed that one of them was wrongly given i.e. (Name of the Medicine). I request you to replace the medicine with the right one.

I hope that you understand the detrimental effect it might have on the health of the patient, if I had not noticed the difference in time. I am truly worried about getting my future prescriptions from you.

I would therefore strongly suggest that you appoint an appropriate number of pharmacists that can handle the work effectively without any mistake, and which will ultimately benefit the patients and you as well.

(Name of the Person)
Mob. ________