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Sample Letter asking for Advertisement Rate in a Magazine

In order to advertise in a magazine, you have to seek the quotation for them at first. Then only you can decide whether it is affordable or not.

sample letter asking for advertisement in magazine
You should write to the magazine company by either a letter or an email with the details of your advertisement requirements viz. size, which page, print or online, price range, etc.

Here is an example of such a request letter to the magazine company seeking quotation for the desired advertisement.


Date: __________

The Editor-in-Chief
(Name of the Magazine Firm)
(Office Address)
Tel. _________

Sub.: Advertisement quotation.

Dear Sir/Madam,

We are interested in placing an advertisement in your ______ magazine for our organization. We understand that your magazine is circulated in the _______ city.

Details of desired advertisement:
(i) Name: _________ Magazine, (ii) Type: Print Media,
(iii) Length: _____, (iv) Page: Front or ______ section,
(v) Period of running ads: ____ days.

We request you to kindly let us know the price rate for the above-mentioned advertisement and any other conditions of yours in this regard. Please be considerate in quoting the rates. We want the best rate as per the prevailing market rate in the industry.

We agree to enter into a contract for this service, if necessary. Please use the following contact details for any communication purposes:—
Mr./Ms. _____________, (Designation), (Name of the Organization), (Office Address), Tel. _________, Email: ________________.

Looking forward to associating with you.

Thanking you,
Yours faithfully,

(Name of the Person)
(Name of the Organization)

Sample Letter asking for Advertisement Rate in a Magazine