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Sample Letter to Warden for Delay in Payment of Hostel Fees

The warden of a hostel can rusticate a hostelite from the hostel for the non-payment of the hostel fees for several months continuously.

Letter to Warden for Delay in Payment of Hostel Fees
The parent of the hostelite can make an application to the warden with genuine reasons for the delay and seek an extension of time for making the payment.

Here is an example of such a request letter from a parent of a hostelite to the hostel superintendent/ warden with regard to the delay in payment of hostel fees.


Date: ________

The Warden
______ Hostel
(Name of the School)

Sub.: Delay in payment of hostel fees.

Respected Sir/Madam,

I am the father/mother of (Name of the Student), who is a student of Class __. I am aware that the hostel fees for him are pending for the months from ______ to ______.

I beg to state that I am going through certain financial difficulties these days because of which I could not be able to pay the dues on time.

I am to receive some money from a couple of important sources soon. Upon its receipt, I assure you that I will clear all the dues immediately.

Therefore, I request your goodself to let my son/daughter remain in the hostel. I promise that I will try to make the payment of the hostel fees on time in the future.

Thanking you,
Yours faithfully,

(Name of the Parent)
Mob. __________