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Request Letter for Guest House Room Booking (Template)

Interested persons can call over the phone, write a letter, or send an email to the guesthouse, where they would like to make a reservation for an upcoming stay.

request letter for guest house room booking
In their communication, they should clearly mention on which date they would be coming and leaving, and how many persons would be staying, as well as the number of persons who will stay in the guesthouse.

It would be better if you specify the price range within which you are looking for rooms for the stay so that the guesthouse can accommodate you accordingly.


Date: ________

The Manager
________ Guest House

Sub.: Accommodation booking.

Dear Sir/Madam,

My family and I would be visiting (Location) for a ___ days' tour for personal purposes. I heard about your guesthouse from a friendly source and saw some pictures of it as well.

I am interested to stay in your guesthouse at (Address) as per the following details:
1) Number of persons: Four. (My wife, my two children and me.)
2) Number of rooms required: Two.
3) AC rooms are necessary.
4) Check in date: _______, time: around ____ am/pm.
5) Check out date: ________, time: around ____ am/pm.
6) Price range: ________ to _______.

Kindly let me know if your guesthouse can accommodate us on the given dates, and let me know the price of the rooms and facilities available in the rooms and the guesthouse.

Also, please let me know the name in which I can send the advance payment by cheque or demand draft, so that we do not face any trouble on room availability on the date of arrival.

Thank you for your cooperation. Please let me know if any other information we should be aware of before arrival.

Yours truly,
(Name of the Person)
Address: ____________
Mob. __________