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Warning Letter for not using Punch Card attendance machine

A punch card attendance machine is a device built to record an employee's time in and time out for attendance purposes. An employee uses his identity card or fingerprint to access the device.

warning letter for not punching in and out
Every employee is required to use the punch card attendance machine if the company has made it mandatory for them to record their attendance.

If any employee disobeys this, then the company can issue a warning notice to them. The company may terminate their service for continuous disobedience.


Ref: _________
Date: ________

(Name of the Employee)
(Name of the Department)
(Name of the Company)

Sub.: Violation of the company policy.

Mr./Ms. ________,

It has come to our attention that you are irregularly using the punch card machine for recording your attendance in it.

As informed to all the employees earlier, everyone must use the punch card machine to record their attendance while coming to the office and while leaving it.

However, the records from the punch card machine for this month show that you have not used it for the days you were present in the office. This shows your unprofessional attitude towards work.

You are hereby warned to honor the company's rules and regulations strictly, and hence, not fail to use the punch card machine unprofessionally ever again. 


(Name of the Officer)