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Student Bonafide Certificate from School/College Template

bonafide certificate format for school students pdf
A Bonafide Certificate for a student means a certificate given by an educational institute as an evidence that a student is/was undergoing a course in that institute for a particular duration. Here are a few examples of such bonafide certificates.


_________ University

This is to certify that Ms./Mr. _____________, son/ daughter of Mr. ___________, (or guardian's name: _________), having Roll Number _________, is a bonafide student of _________ University, _____ and is undergoing/completed _________ course, in _____ year/semester.

(Signature with Seal)
________ University

Date: _______
Place: _______


To Whomsoever It May Concern,

This is to certify that Mr./Ms. _________, Roll No. _________ is a bonafide student of (Name of the Institute), (City). In the current academic year ___-___, he/she is studying in the 1st/2nd/3rd year of B.Sc./ M.Sc./ B.Tech/ M.Tech./ M.S./ Integrated M.S./ M.A.

This certificate is issued for the purpose of applying for Summer Internship Programme ______ (From ___ to _______) in (Name of the Institute or Organization).

HOD, _____ Department
(Name of the Institute)

Date: _______
Place: _______



This is to certify that Mr./Ms. ______________ Roll No. ________ Admission No. ________, Son of Sri/Smt. ________ is a bonafide student of this school and studied in Class _____ during the financial year ________ and as per School records his/her date of birth is ________.

This is to also certify that the above-named child had studied in this School in the previous academic year ________. He/She bears a good moral character.

During the year Mr./Ms. ________ had resided in the residential complex (Hostel) of the school and paid an amount of Rs. ________ towards boarding and lodging in the residential complex.

This institution/School is affiliated and recognized by ________ and the affiliation/recognition number is ________.

Dated ________
Place: ________

Head of the Institution/School
(With Stamp and Seal)


Bonafide Certificate

This is to certify that Mr./Ms. ______________, a student of _______________ School, has taken admission into the school in class _____ during academic session_________. He/ She is continuing in class ___ during the present academic session (Year-Year).

Seal and Signature
Of the Head of the Institution

Date: _________
Place: _________


Ref. ______                                            Date: _________


This is to certify that Mr./Ms. _______________ is a bonafide Student/Research Scholar of the Department of _________________, University of ____________, (City), and pursuing the course for the academic year __________ in the Department of _________________, University of ____________, (City).

Head of the Department
(Name of the Institute)


Date: _______

To Whomsoever It May Concern

This letter confirms that (Name of the Student) is a student in good standing at (Name of the College/University), (Name of the Program/Course). He/She has signed the ____________ Agreement, and will use the Specifications and Libraries as defined in the Agreement and subject to the terms and conditions of the Agreement.

Yours truly,
Name: ________________
Professor of ____________

Name: ____________