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What is a Boomerang Resignation Letter? Example & Format


A boomerang resignation is a type of resignation by an employee wherein the employee resigns for a temporary period, or takes a leave of absence from the current job to pursue a new job for a temporary period.


Some students have part-time jobs during their academic life, especially to fund their educational fees if they are from a poor background.

Boomerang Resignation Letter Format
As a part of their academic course, they may be required to undergo an internship under a specific category of professionals or job profile viz. MBA, chartered accountants, etc.

Therefore, these students have to leave their part-time jobs for a temporary period to undergo internships as necessary for their academic courses.

Hence, they have to write a boomerang resignation letter by clearly intimating their current employer about a new job and indicate their interest to return to the job position later.


Date: _________

(Your Name)
(Your Address)
(City, Pincode)

(Name of the Boss)
(Name of the Organization)
(Office Address)

Reg: Resignation with a special request.

Dear Sir/Madam,

Please accept this letter as a formal notice of my resignation from my position as a __________ with (Name of the Organization) with effect from (Date). As discussed with you, I will be undergoing an internship in another organization as required under my academic course i.e. ______ in _________ University.

My internship will probably end in the last week of (Month, Year). I am hereby indicating my interest to get back to this job at (Name of the Organization) once the aforesaid internship is over.

I hope that you will allow me to join back at that point of time. I believe that I will be able to do better work here and contribute significantly.

Thank you for the opportunity.

(Your Name)
Mob. _______


1. Please note that such a resignation letter does not ensure that you will get your job back once you complete your work in the new job.

2. It would be better if you do not entirely depend upon your chance of getting rehired in the same organization. Keep your options open. Keep in touch with your employer, and keep applying for positions with other prospective employers.

Boomerang Resignation Letter Example