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Authorization Letter Format for Authorised Service Centre

A service centre is a place where a company provides various services to its customers who have purchased its products and services.

authorised service centre letter format
Without a proper authorisation from the product company, no shop or organization can act as an authorised service centre for it. Hence, written authorisation is required. While some of the company enters into a written agreement with the service centres, some just provide written authorisation letters.

Here are samples of such authorisation letters for authorised service centres. Please modify them appropriately.



To Whomsoever It May Concern,

We hereby appoint M/s. _______________, (Office Address) as our Authorised "Service Centre" for all kinds of repair and service of “___________” Brand products in (Location) manufactured/ marketed by (Name of the Company). This certificate is valid for one year from the date of issue. It is subject to renewal from time to time as per company’s policy. This letter binds the "Service Centre" to comply with all rules and regulations imposed by the Company from time to time.

For (Name of the Company),

Authorised Signatory

Date: _______
Place: _______


Date: __________

To Whom It May Concern,

This is to certify that M/s. _______________, (Office Address) is an "Authorised Service Centre" of (Name of the Organization), head office at (Location).

M/s. _______________ is authorised to use associated trademarks of (Name of the Organization) i.e. (Name), (Name), and (Name).

In case of any queries, kindly contact our regional manager at (Phone Number).

For (Name of the Company),

Authorised Signatory


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