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CA Certificate for Proprietorship Firm Bank Account Opening

In order for a proprietor to open a current account with a bank, the bank authority may ask for a certificate from a practicing chartered accountant in support of the existence of the proprietorship concern.

ca certificate format for proprietorship
Here is a sample of such a CA certificate for opening of a current account for a proprietorship concern. Please modify it as required in the respective case.

(To be printed in the letterhead of the company.)
Ref: _________
Date: _________

The Branch Manager
_________ Bank Limited
__________ Branch

Reg: Opening of bank account for M/s. ___________, Proprietorship concern.

Respected Madam/Sir,

This is to certify that Ms./Mr. ___________ (UID: __________) is the Proprietress/ Proprietor of M/s. ___________, Proprietorship concern having its place of business and head office at _________________.

M/s. ___________ is engaged in the business of _______(Nature of Business)______ since (Date).

The proprietorship concern has a valid Trade License Certificate as on (Date). The license number is __________. The license is obtained under section ___ of Shops and Establishments Act, ______ of (State).

This certificate is being issued to enable M/s. ___________, Proprietorship concern to open a current account with ________ Bank Limited.

The aforementioned information has been verified by us based on information and facts produced in front of us.

For (Name of the CA Firm),

(Name of the Chartered Accountant)
Chartered Accountant
Membership No. ______
FRN: ________
UDIN: _________
(Official Seal)

CA Certificate for Proprietorship Firm Bank Account Opening


  1. Thank you for the format. I have used it.


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