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Content Writing Internship Certificate Format

A content writing career is a well-paid and dignified position in the market. Depending upon one's career goal and wish, a person can choose to become a freelance content writer or else can get a full-time job in an organization.

content writing internship certificate format
Most of these content writers, after the completion of their academic course or during it, undergo content writing internship in a news-reporting firm. Hence, after the completion of the internship, they are supposed to get an internship certificate.

The intern can request his supervisor or reporting officer to get the certificate. Here is a sample of such an internship certificate.


Internship Completion Certificate

Date: _________

To Whomsoever It May Concern,

This is to certify that (Name of the Intern), son/daughter of (Name of the Parent), has successfully completed her Content Writing Internship at (Name of the Firm), (Location) for a period of ___ month from (Date) to (Date).

During the period of internship, she was assigned with the following tasks:

i) Researching and writing short articles on topics relating to __________,
ii) Assisting the superior officer in content compilation by researching on key issues relating to the matter of concern,
iii) Researching on recent developments and competitors to help our platform grow, further our vision and reach more readers.

We would like to state that her performance and conduct were satisfactory both on individual capacity and as a team player. Her content writing skills are commendable and praiseworthy.

We wish her success in her future endeavors. Best of luck!


(Name of the Firm)

Content Writing Internship Certificate Format


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