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How to Write a Relieving Letter to an Employee (Template)

When an employee tenders his resignation, he expects a few things to happen from his employer side, viz. getting a relieving letter, an experience certificate, final pay settlement, a recommendation letter, etc.

relieving letter format
Depending upon the performance and reputation of the employee, he can get things done in an easier way, otherwise things may prolong from the employer side.

Here is a sample of such a relieving letter from the boss to the employee. Modify suitably.


Date: ________

Ms./Mr. ___________
(Home Address)
Mob. ________

Reg: Your resignation from the position of _________.

Dear _________,

This is with reference to your resignation by an email on or letter dated _______. We would like to inform you that your resignation from the position of _______ of (Name of the Organization) has been accepted by the appropriate authority.

You are hereby relieved from the services and duties of (Name of the Organization) with effect from the closing hours of (Date).

You are required to return any company properties (viz. laptop, documents, ID card, cash, etc.) in your possession, which were entrusted to you during your employment with us.

We thank you for your contribution to the growth of the organization during your tenure with us.

We wish you all the best in your future endeavours. 

For (Name of the Organization),

(Name of the Officer)

How to Write a Relieving Letter to an Employee (Template)


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