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Application Format for Loan against Post Office Account

An account-holder in a post office can avail a loan on his deposits by submitting a loan application with his passbook at the concerned post office.

application for loan against post office scheme
The postal authority mainly gives a loan up to a certain percentage of the balance credit in the account of the person. Such a loan can be repaid in one lump-sum or in periodical installments

Here is a simple example of how such an application can be written to the post office to avail the loan. Please visit the post office and enquire about the loan application procedure.


Date: __________

The Postmaster/ Manager
__________ Post Office

Sub.: Application for loan against my postal account.

Dear Madam/Sir,

I, (Full Name), am the account-holder/ guardian hereby apply for loan against my RD/ SSA/ PPF account bearing number _____________ for an amount of Rs. ________ (Rupees _______________ only).

(*For guardian) It is hereby certified that the loan amount sought to be availed is required for the use of (Name of the Person), who is alive and still a minor, or of unsound mind.

I request you to kindly credit the aforementioned loan amount to my savings account (SB) no. __________ maintained with your branch office at __________ post office. (Alternatively, you may pay the loan amount by cash/ cheque as possible.)

I solemnly affirm and certify that I have gone through and understood all the applicable conditions for availing the loan and that all such conditions are/ will be complied with as and when required.

The following necessary supporting documents are enclosed herewith.
1. (Name of the Document), 2. (Name of the Document), 3. (Name of the Document).

Yours faithfully,

(Name of the Account-holder/ Guardian)
Address: ___________________

Countersigned by the Postal Assistant

Countersigned by the Postmaster


  1. Harish Malvika17 September, 2023

    Application format was helpful in drafting. Thank you very much.


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