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Complaint Letter to Insurance Co for Claim Settlement Delay

It is the right of the insurance policy holder to receive the maturity value (sum assured) as per the terms of the policy upon the maturity of the insurance policy tenure.

letter to insurance company for delay in claim settlement
If there is any undue delay in receipt of the claim money, the policyholder can lodge a complaint to the appropriate designated authority of the insurance company.

Here is an example of such a complaint letter to the insurance company for delay in claim settlement of the matured insurance policy.


(Name of the Policyholder)
(Home Address)
Mob. ________

The Grievance Manager
(Name of the Insurance Company)
(Office Address)
Tel. __________

Sub.: Complaint for delay in claim settlement.


I had taken a life insurance policy in (Year) from your company, which matured in (Month, Year). My policy no. is ________. The maturity value of the policy is (Amount).

I had submitted the claim papers along with all supporting documents at your _____ branch office on (Date) to get the maturity amount in my bank account.

However, ___ weeks have elapsed since then, but I have not received the money yet. I have paid several visits to _____ branch office and also followed up over the phone with the concerned officials.

It is very disappointing to state that this is the state of affairs of your company, where a genuine customer is not able to get his due money on time even after several follow-ups.

Therefore, please note that if the maturity claim amount is not received within the next six working days, then I will lodge a formal complaint against your company with the Insurance Regulatory Authority. I also reserve the right to demand interest on maturity amount at the rate of 18% per annum for any further delay.


(Name of the Policyholder)

Date: ________
Place: ________

Complaint Letter to Insurance Company for Claim Settlement Delay


  1. Manohar Tiwari18 September, 2023

    I have lodged a complaint with my insurance company for delay in my maturity claim settlement. Your letter format was useful for me. Thank you.


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