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Sister's Marriage Invitation Letter to Your Friends (Sample)

When you want to invite some friends to your sister's marriage, you can invite them in different ways. You can call them over the phone and convey the message, you can send them invitation letters, you can send them wedding invitation cards, or you can send them invitation emails.

write a letter to your friend to invite him for your sister marriage
Important details like wedding date, time and venue must be clearly mentioned in your invitation message. You can also add the map route to the wedding venue for ease of convenience to reach the wedding venue.

Here is an example of such a letter inviting a friend to sister's marriage ceremony. You can add all the necessary details and send it by email or by post to the recipient.


Dear (Friend's Name),

I am happy to let you know that my elder/ younger sister's marriage has been fixed.

The wedding will take place as follows:
    Date: ________,
    Time: ________,
    Venue: ________.

Her fiancé’s name is ________. He is working in (Name of the Company), (Location). Families from both sides have mutually decided the wedding plans. Everyone is quite excited about this.

It is with great pleasure that I cordially invite you and your family to grace the auspicious occasion with your presence and please bless the young couple for a happily married life.

I would be anxiously awaiting your arrival. Please don't forget to mark your calendar. :)

Yours truly,
(Your Name)

Sample Letter to Invite Friends for Sister's Marriage in English


  1. Thank you sir. I used the letter format to draft an email invitation which I sent to a few friends of mine.


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