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Demand Letter by Plaintiff to Defendant for Unpaid Debt

If a person (borrower) is not repaying the debt owed to another person (lender), then the lender can initiate legal action against the borrower.

a demand letter sent by the plaintiff to the defendant
In order for an individual or an organization to begin an action for a consumer transaction, the lender/claimant has to send a demand letter to the borrower/defendant demanding payment of the outstanding debt.

At least ten days after mailing the demand letter, the claimant can go to the commercial claims office and fill out a statement of claim with genuine reasons.


Date: (Date of the Letter)

(Name of the Defendant)
(Mailing Address)
(Phone Number)

Reg. Demand notice for an unpaid debt.

Mr./Ms. (First Name of the Defendant),

You have not paid a debt owed to (Full name and address of the Claimant/ Plaintiff), which you incurred on (Date of debt incurred). Total debt amount was (Amount in figures) (Amount in words).

A copy of the original debt instrument by an agreement dated __________ between you and me is attached herewith for your reference.

As per our records, you have made partial payments towards the debt. Kindly note the following dates and amounts paid.

1. Date: __________, (Amount in figures) (Amount in words).
2. Date: __________, (Amount in figures) (Amount in words).

The amount remaining unpaid from you on this debt is (Amount in figures) (Amount in words). Demand is hereby made that the unpaid money be paid to the claimant.

Unless this unpaid debt is fully paid off by you to the undersigned no later than (Last date of expected payment), a lawsuit will be brought against you in the Commercial Claims Part of the Court by following due course of the law.

If a lawsuit is commenced against you, you will be notified of the hearing date. You will be entitled to appear at the hearing in the court and present any defense that you may have to this claim.

(Name of the Plaintiff)
(Mailing Address)
(Phone Number)

Demand Letter by Plaintiff to Defendant for Unpaid Debt


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