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Sample Email from Boss to an Employee for an Exit Interview

An exit interview is conducted with an employee who is to leave an organization soon. The main intention behind this is to gain insights from the employee as to why he is separating, about his overall working experience with the organization during his tenure, and any important feedback that he may give for any improvements.

how to ask an employee for an exit interview
It is important to keep the data collected through an exit interview confidential. Before the exit interview happens, the employer can ask the employee to fill up a questionnaire and on that basis the discussion can happen later.

Here is a sample of an email from the employer to an employee for an exit interview.


Dear _______,

Thank you for your service to (Name of the Organization). As you are going to be separated from the company soon due to your resignation from your position, I wish to conduct an exit interview with you.

I would like to gain some insights into your experiences to help improve the working conditions of our current and future employees. Feel free to share your good and bad experiences without any hesitation.

Please note that exit interview data collected from the ex-employees is presented to senior management collectively with a summary report.

I have attached herewith a questionnaire with respect to your exit interview. I would appreciate it if you review the same and complete it with your responses. The data will remain confidential. It will not be placed in your personal file maintained with the company.

The exit interview will be conducted in person with you during the last few days of your employment. The interview will last around 30-45 minutes. You can let me know a time that is convenient for you to meet me for this purpose.

I appreciate your willingness to participate in the interview.

I wish you all the best for your future endeavours.

(Name of the Officer)

{{Attach the questionnaire in the email.}}

Sample Email from Boss to an Employee for an Exit Interview


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