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Complaint Letter to the Credit Union for Unauthorized Debit

A customer can enable automatic payments from his account in credit unions in order to pay bills and other dues which are recurring in nature.

Sample Complaint Letter to Credit Union for Unauthorized Debit
A customer has the right to stop such recurring automatic payments from his credit union account. He can request in writing to disable the automatic payments.

In case, because of the mistake of the credit union, a customer has suffered a loss with respect to an unauthorized debit from his account, then the customer can lodge a written complaint and recover his money.


[Your Name]
[Your Address]


[Name of the Credit Union]
[Office Address]

RE: Written notice of unauthorized debit.


I would like to bring to your attention that an unauthorized transfer has been made from my account without my permission.

While checking my account statement, I noticed that a payment that should not have been debited from my account, was debited by you without my permission.

Please note that:

i) My name is _________________________.
ii) Checking Account Number: ____________.
iii) Payee Company Name: _______________.
iv) Payment amount: __________________.
v) Date(s) the payment(s) appeared on my account statement: _____________.

I must tell you that:

I never authorized the debit of the said amount to this company for the said date(s).
I authorized debits to this company earlier but revoked the authorization on [Date].
I authorized for an amount of __________, instead a higher/lower amount of ___________ is debited. This is unacceptable. The debit did not match the terms that I authorized.

Therefore, I request you to kindly investigate the matter and to take immediate action on this. I would appreciate if you refund me the debited amount without any further delay.

[Your Name]


Complaint Letter to the Credit Union for Unauthorized Debit