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Employee Complaint Letter to the HR for Irregular Bus Service

Some of the employers provide bus services to its employees for ease in transportation from their house to the company.

Employee Complaint Letter to the HR for Irregular Bus Service
However, sometimes the bus service provider may not provide excellent services, and may in fact provide erratic and poor services viz. coming late to work, dropping at inappropriate places, rash driving, etc. Employees can certainly complain about it to their employers i.e. their bosses or the HR manager.

Here is an example of such a complaint letter by an employee to the HR manager for irregularity in bus services provided for staff transportation.


Name of the Officer
HR Manager
Name of the Organization
Office Address

Reg: Staff transportation service.

Dear Mr./Ms. __________,

I would like to draw your attention to the inconsistent transportation services provided by the company for my team members. As you are aware, there has always been an understanding that team members would be provided with transportation service to enhance their performance.

However, much of our working time is being eaten up by the unpredictable transit system, which is interfering with our work schedule.

You must have realized how important this is, and therefore, kindly make arrangements for appropriate transportation. Our verbal complaints to your department in the past have had no outcomes. That is why I have decided to send you a formal letter of complaint.

I am looking forward to your continued cooperation and support in this matter.

Thank you.

Your Name

Dated ________