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Letter to the Editor complaining about Loudspeaker Nuisance

Loudspeakers are like big speakers that people use to talk to lots of people at once. They can be used in lots of different places, like temples, meetings, and at places where everyone can hear. They are helpful for talking to a big group, but if they are too loud. They can be bad for our health.

write a letter to the editor of a newspaper complaining about the nuisance of loudspeaker
Loudspeakers that make loud sounds can make some people feel worried or scared, especially if they do not like loud noises. The loud sounds can make their bodies release hormones that make them feel stressed, which can make their heart beat faster, their blood pressure go up, and their muscles feel tight.

You can complain about the loudspeaker nuisance in your area to the local authorities, police station, municipalities, and you may write a letter to the newspaper editors about it as well.


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Loudspeakers have become a major annoyance in our cities due to their careless use. The thing that is even more aggravating is that they are now a necessary component of practically every celebration. Individuals appear to think that loudspeakers are necessary for even private events like weddings, birthday celebrations, anniversaries, etc.

One of the biggest issues that the people of urban cities face is noise pollution, which is made worse by the overuse of loudspeakers. While there are situations in which using those speakers is unquestionably necessary, I do not see a point in using them at every gathering or party.

The elderly and young people are the most negatively impacted by this inappropriate usage of loudspeakers. The old cannot sleep well and the kids cannot focus on their homework because of the loud noise. It is now the duty of the government to take immediate action and control the use of loudspeakers.

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