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Warning Letter Format to Employee for Taking Frequent Leaves

Taking excessive leaves does not look good on your work performance. You may end up being sacked from the job if you do not change such a bad work ethics of yours.

warning letter to employee for frequent leaves
Some of the employment contracts contain a specific clause on "excessive leaves" and its consequences. It is the duty of the employer to initially warn the employee of his mistake, and officially write to him giving a stern warning about it.

Here is an example of a warning letter to an employee for taking excessive leaves.


Ref: _________
Date: ________

Name of the Employee
Phone No.

Reg: Excessive leaves.

Mr./Ms. _________,

We noticed that during the past three months, you have taken leaves of absence from work several times. Sometimes, you do not even submit an advance leave application.

We understand that your department head Mr. __________ has warned you verbally about it. However, it seems that you did not pay much heed to the warning as you continue to take leaves regularly.

Please appreciate that you are in an important position at work. Your presence is vital for the continuance of work and its ultimate outcome. Your frequent absence from work is adversely affecting the outcome. It is also affecting the work performance of other staff who manages your work in your absence.

This is your final official warning from our side. If you continue to take frequent leaves, then we will be bound to take disciplinary action against you, which may include termination from your job. We certainly hope it does not come to that.

Name of the Officer