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Apology Letter to Boss for Resignation & Cancellation Request

If you decide to reconsider your decision to resign from your present employment, it is possible to request your employer to disregard your resignation letter.

There are various reasons for retracting a resignation letter, such as the withdrawal of a new job offer or a partner's decision not to relocate for their job. Having the knowledge of how to withdraw a resignation letter can be beneficial in retaining your job and preserving a positive relationship with your employer.

Below is a letter template that can guide you on how to retract a resignation letter.



The HR Manager
Name of the Organization

Reg.: Request for cancellation of my resignation.

Dear Madam,

I had submitted my resignation to you on (Date) because of some personal reasons. I have now come to realize that I should not have done that. I would like to continue my work in my designated position.

I am extremely sorry for my unprofessional conduct. I promise you I will not repeat such behavior in the future. I need the job back. Therefore, I humbly request you to kindly cancel my resignation.

I would like to sincerely apologize to you for the inconvenience caused. I assure you that I will be putting in my best efforts in the job.

I appreciate your understanding and cooperation in the matter.

Thanking you.

Your Name
Employee code: _____