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Sample Character Reference Letter to Judge before Sentencing

If any of your acquaintances is found guilty in a court case, then they may require a character reference letter to be presented to the Judge in court, in order to subtly plead not-guilty or request for leniency in punishment to be awarded.

sample character reference letter to judge before sentencing
The individual responsible for writing this letter should contact the relevant lawyer to draft and submit it to the court. The character letter of the accused will assist the judge in forming an impression of the person involved.

Here is a format of such a character reference letter to judge before sentencing a convicted person.


Your Name


The Honorable Judge
_______ Court

Respected Sir/Madam,

In light of the death penalty imposed on my close friend (Name), I find it necessary to pen down this letter. (Name) and I have been acquainted since our elementary school days, where we were classmates. Furthermore, we have been neighbors in (City Name), where our friendship flourished. It is crucial to state that (Name) is a genuine gentleman. I strongly believe that he would never partake in the offense for which he has been alleged.

The evidence that resulted in his conviction has been manipulated to someone's advantage. I urge you to instruct a thorough investigation into this matter. He is a vibrant and cheerful individual who loves to help others in times of need. His family has been through a great deal and is utterly devastated upon hearing this news.

I humbly request that you reconsider this case before settling on a final verdict. The grave consequences he may endure have the potential to cause significant upheaval in our community. I can personally guarantee his integrity, and I implore you to take this character reference into consideration before making any conclusive decisions.

Thanking you.

Sincerely yours,
Your Name