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Application Cover Letter Format for Molecular Biologist Job

The realm of molecular biology encompasses the study of the molecular foundation of biological activity.

cover letter for molecular biologist
It explores the intricate interplay between molecules within living organisms, as well as the chemical composition of non-living entities. By investigating these molecular interactions, molecular biologists gain insights into the essential functions that sustain life.

Hereunder is an example of an application letter (cover letter) for applying for the position of a molecular biologist in any organization.


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Re: Application for the molecular biologist post.

Dear Mr. (Name),

I am presenting my curriculum vitae for the role of Molecular Biologist. It encompasses a detailed account of my skills and experience. Nevertheless, I would like to provide a succinct summary of my capabilities. Armed with a master's degree in Biology from _________University and extensive knowledge in biology, chemistry, laboratory equipment, and procedures, I am well-equipped to make a valuable contribution to any organization.

As a seasoned professional with more than 6 years of experience in this field, I can confidently state that I have honed my expertise in comprehending the intricate dynamics between structure and function, encompassing a wide spectrum from molecules to ecosystems.

During my previous employment, I was entrusted with a range of duties, including the development and execution of radioimmuneassays (RIA) to investigate the kinetics of protein receptor binding and determine dissociation constants. Additionally, I was responsible for assessing receptor phosphorylation and conducting tests on incoming and outgoing materials.

Among my personal abilities, I excel in problem-solving, an essential trait for remaining composed and considerate when encountering new professional challenges. Additionally, my strong communication skills, friendly personality, and extensive knowledge make me a qualified candidate for positions in the laboratory and other diverse roles within this industry.

Sincerely yours,
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