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Sample Application Letter for Volunteer Nurse

The job responsibilities of a volunteer nurse include conducting the necessary checks on vital signs, attending to dressing changes, ensuring proper wound care, offering clients comprehensive information about their condition and addressing any concerns they may have regarding their medications and treatment.

volunteer nurse cover letter
If you are a registered Nurse who values friendliness, empathy, active listening, and has a deep commitment to ensuring healthcare as a fundamental human right, then this position might be an ideal fit for you.

Following is a cover letter for a job application for the position of volunteer nurse.


Your Name


Name of the Officer of the Hospital
Name of the Hospital

Sub.: Application for the position of volunteer nurse.

Dear Sir/Madam,

Enclosed herewith is my resume, which signifies my sincere intent and enthusiasm to apply as a volunteer nurse at your institution. I am eager to embrace this opportunity, as it will allow me to advance and polish the nursing skills I have diligently cultivated throughout my years in nursing school.

The outstanding reputation of (Name of the Hospital) as a tertiary hospital has sparked a profound interest in me to engage in volunteer service. This invaluable experience would greatly enrich my nursing skills and broaden my horizons.

I am looking forward to the prospect of working alongside you in the future and making a significant impact towards achieving your institutional goals.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Your Full Name

Encl: Resume.