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Write an Email to your Friend who has Moved to Another Town

It's truly amazing to have conversations over the phone and spend time together, always reminding your friends how much you care about them. However, there's a unique charm to receiving a letter.

write an email to your friend who has just moved to another town
You know, there are countless reasons to write letters to people, but what I can tell you is that it brings immense joy! Whether you receive a handwritten letter or send one, it has this magical ability to create a unique bond with the person you're writing to, and it also helps you connect with your own self.

Here is a format of a note to a close friend who has just moved to another city or town. You can write it as a letter or an email to your friend. The following example of the message is written by a child to his friend.


Dear (Name),

I hope you're doing well and feeling happy in (Town/City Name). How's your new house? Do you have your own bedroom?

I imagine it takes time to adjust to all the new things. Settling into a new house and discovering where to buy the latest clothes can be challenging. Have you made any new friends?

I really miss you. I miss the fun we used to have on our way to school. Remember the day we missed the school bus and had to run all the way? My legs were so sore that day.

It feels strange without you in our class. We always sat together, gossiped, laughed, and got into trouble. Now I sit next to (Name), but it's just not the same. He doesn't talk much.

Our school will be closing for summer vacation soon. Maybe I can come visit you or you can come stay with me. Please let me know.

Take care my dearest. Write back soon.

Best regards,
Your name