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Sample Letter Rejecting Leave Application of Employee

It is imperative that no leave application is unreasonably denied. A valid reason for refusal must be provided, taking into account the fact that employees have the right to take leave.

leave rejection letter sample
If the business discovers that the employee has failed to adhere to the Leave Policy, for example, by requesting leave without giving proper notice, and if the business determines that it is impossible to arrange coverage for the employee's assigned tasks without compromising service quality, then rejecting the leave application is a straightforward decision.

The business will communicate the rejection in writing. Following is an example of such a rejection letter.


Date: ________

Name of the Employee
Name of the Department
Name of the Organization

Reg: Your leave application.

Dear (Name),

We regret to inform you that your request for leave has been denied due to the current shortage of staff in the office. It is essential for the management to have all employees present to ensure smooth operations.

In your leave application letter, you have informed that you have scheduled a vacation with your family and friends, commencing from (Date) and concluding on (Date). Given the current shortage of staff in your department, it is regrettable that we are unable to grant your request for leave at this time.

Following the return of a staff member who will be on leave concurrently, and the arrival of another new member, you will be eligible to apply for leave once the team is fully staffed again. The said staff member had taken permission for leave earlier.

You may submit a leave request again once your team is back to full strength. We appreciate your understanding of the current situation.

Sincerely yours,
Name of the Officer