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Recommendation Letter for Scholarship from Employer & Teacher

It is crucial not to underestimate the significance of a well-written recommendation letter when seeking scholarships.

recommendation letter for scholarship from teacher
This letter serves the purpose of providing the reader with a comprehensive understanding of your personality, accomplishments, and potential, beyond what can be reflected in your academic grades and test scores. It is essential in highlighting why you are an ideal candidate for the scholarship opportunity.

Here are examples of such recommendation letters for students from their teachers or employers.

(Recommendation Letter for Scholarship from Employer)


(Name of the Authority)
(Name of the Organization)
(Office Address)

Dear Sir/Madam,

I have had the privilege of being (Name)'s supervisor for ___years at (Organization's Name), where I hold the position of (Designation). I am writing to highly recommend him/her for the esteemed (Name of the Scholarship Program) program, as I have personally witnessed his/her unwavering determination to pursue a career in (Name of the Profession).

(Name) is undeniably one of the most exceptional staff we have on our team. He/She played a pivotal role in successfully implementing the groundbreaking (Name of the Project) project, which not only saved valuable time but also resulted in significant cost savings of for our organization. His/Hers contributions are a testament to his/her ability to think innovatively while adhering to established standards and processes. Without a doubt, (Name) is more than deserving of a place in the prestigious (Name of the Scholarship Program) program.

Furthermore, he/she exemplifies an unparalleled work ethic and consistently demonstrates the sound judgment required of a leader. He/She possesses remarkable character and effortlessly collaborates with colleagues, making him/her an invaluable asset. Investing in (Name) is a decision that will undoubtedly yield remarkable returns, and I wholeheartedly endorse his/her inclusion in your scholarship program.

Should you require any additional information regarding (Name)'s qualifications for the (Name of the Scholarship Program), please do not hesitate to contact me at (phone number). I am eager to address any inquiries or concerns you may have.

(Your Name)

(Recommendation Letter for Scholarship from Teacher)


_______ Teacher
_________ School

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing this letter to express my support for (Name)'s application for the ________ Scholarship. I had the privilege of being (Name)'s _________teacher during her 11th and 12th grade at ________School.

Throughout my time of teaching her, I have consistently been impressed by her exceptional skill in effectively communicating complex ideas and comprehending intricate texts. Her keen awareness of the subtleties present in (Subject Name), coupled with her unwavering enthusiasm for reading and writing, distinguishes her as an outstanding student and writer.

(Name), during her final year, authored an exceptional thesis paper on the development of _________. In this paper, she skillfully juxtaposed works from three distinct time periods and skillfully integrated cultural and historical viewpoints to enrich her analysis. When the time came for her to present her thesis defense to her fellow students, she articulated her ideas with clarity and eloquence, and she responded to questions with thoughtfulness.

Although she demonstrates great potential as a versatile liberal arts/science student, it is (Subject) that captivates her the most. She shares her (Subject) creations in our school's magazine and has also achieved recognition by having her work published in online magazines.

I have full confidence that she will persist in accomplishing remarkable and innovative endeavors in her forthcoming journey. Undoubtedly, her work showcases a remarkable level of proficiency for a young scholar, which I believe you will concur with. Should you have any inquiries, please do not hesitate to reach out to me at _________.

(Your Name)