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Application Letter for the Issue of Post Mortem Report (Sample)

A post-mortem examination, commonly referred to as an autopsy, is conducted to examine a deceased body. The primary objective of this examination is to ascertain the cause of death.

application letter for post mortem report in english
The police or hospital authorities can provide a copy of the post-mortem report, unless it is deemed confidential. In certain states, efforts are being made to make these reports available online as well. The court can also provide a copy of the report once it has been submitted to the court.

Here is an example of an application form for getting a copy of the post-mortem examination report.


The C.M.O.
______ Hospital

Sub.: Application for a report on the post-mortem examination of (Name).

Dear Sir/Madam,

It is kindly requested as follows:

1. That the undersigned applicant requires the Post Mortem Report of a deceased person.

2. That the deceased person is named Mr./Ms. ___________, aged ___years, son/daughter of __________, and was residing at (Address). His/Her Aadhar number is ________.

3. That the deceased person died because of (reason). The place of death is _______.

4. That the deceased person is the father/mother of the applicant.

5. That the contact details of the applicant is Mr./Ms. ____________, resident at ______________, mobile number _____________.

Therefore, it is prayed that the afore requested post-mortem report may kindly be released to the applicant.


(Name of the Applicant)

Dated _________