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Complaint Letter about Discrimination at Work (Sample)

The issue of discrimination in the workplace is on the rise, posing a significant challenge. This problem encompasses numerous types, with gender, race, religion, age, and others being the most prevalent.

letter complaining about discrimination at work
Discriminatory incidents occur regularly, affecting multiple employers and employees. The consequences are detrimental, as victims are unjustly denied promotions, salary increments, and fair compensation.

Moreover, they are deliberately marginalized from important projects. To address this pressing matter, it is advisable to review a sample discrimination complaint letter and compose a personalized letter outlining your specific concerns.


Manager, Human Resources,
XYZ Limited
City, State, Pin code.

Dear Mr. ABC,

I am a 42 yrs old woman who has been employed at XYZ Ltd for the past two years. Throughout my tenure, I have consistently demonstrated a strong ability to meet targets on time and maintain excellent attendance. Unfortunately, I believe that I have faced discrimination based on both my age and gender.

Despite my experience, less experienced employees have been promoted ahead of me. Many of whom are men. I have remained in the same position for the past two years while witnessing my juniors receive promotions. It appears that the most significant projects are consistently assigned to male employees, facilitating their advancement. After enduring this unfair treatment for an extended period, I have decided to assert myself and stand up for my rights.

This letter serves as my last resort in addressing the issue, as the previous complaints made to the Human Resources department over the phone have yielded no results. While my experience at the company has generally been positive, the discrimination I have encountered has left a negative impression. It is disheartening to feel unappreciated by the company after putting in so much hard work.

When I became a part of this company, I was promised equal opportunities, but unfortunately, this commitment has not been honored thus far. I have devoted a substantial amount of time, precisely two years, to this organization, and I am prepared to fight for what is owed to me. If this matter persists, I will have no choice but to engage the services of a lawyer, and it is evident that the company would prefer to avoid any association with discriminatory practices.

Having heard about your reputation for being a person of integrity, I have full confidence in your willingness to support me in this delicate matter.

James Murali
IT Executive

Dated _________