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Complaint Letter to Gym Manager for Poor Service (Sample)

A noteworthy advantage of gym cleaning lies in its ability to effectively minimize the presence of germs and bacteria. This becomes exceptionally important, particularly during the cold and flu season.

complaint letter to gym manager
By upholding regular maintenance, you can guarantee customers the finest workout experience while simultaneously minimizing the likelihood of any injuries. Additionally, this practice showcases your dedication towards the well-being of both your facility and its members.

Here are examples of writing letters to the gym manager complaining about the cleanliness, poor equipment quality and other gym issues.


Dear Mr James,

Since becoming a member of your gym, I have been thoroughly impressed with all aspects of it. The spaciousness and top-notch exercise equipment are particularly noteworthy. Additionally, the gym's commitment to implementing excellent safety measures for the well-being and security of its users is highly commendable.

However, the gym could certainly benefit from enhancing its hygiene practices. It has been noticed that a majority of individuals who visit your gym neglect to clean the machines after using them. Moreover, some individuals frequently leave dirty towels on the benches and the floor in the change rooms, which does not align with the core objective of promoting health and fitness in a gym.

In light of this, I recommend implementing a hygiene guideline for all individuals utilizing your gym facilities. Additionally, it would be beneficial to instruct your gym staff to adopt a more proactive stance in upholding cleanliness standards and ensuring the gym and its equipment remain spotlessly clean.

Thank you for your consideration.

Yours truly,


Your Name
Mob. _____


Gym Manager

Dear Mr. Raavann,

This letter serves as a means to express my utmost dissatisfaction with the subpar cleanliness and maintenance at your fitness center. As a longstanding member, I have observed a significant deterioration in the overall hygiene and functionality of the facilities.

Gym floors are commonly stained with sweat and debris, which can potentially jeopardize their health. Furthermore, the equipment, such as treadmills and weight benches, is frequently unclean and lacks proper sanitization.

Many machines within the facility are in a deplorable state, marked by damaged parts and malfunctioning mechanisms. This not only diminishes the effectiveness of my workout sessions but also poses a significant risk of injury.

I kindly urge for prompt action to be taken in order to address these concerns. As a devoted member, I firmly believe that it is the gym's duty to ensure a hygienic and properly maintained atmosphere for its patrons.

Thank you for your time in considering this.