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Cover Letter for Journalism Internship (Sample)

Nowadays, journalism is a highly sought-after profession due to its significant influence on our lives through various mediums such as newspapers, magazines, blogs, and the internet.

Cover Letter for Journalism Internship
Given the competitiveness of internships in journalism, it is crucial for your cover letter to distinguish your application from others, along with your CV and portfolio.

Here is an example of such a cover letter for making an application for the journalism internship position.


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Re: Internship journalism.


I was delighted to discover your Internship Program on the XYZ website. Being an aspiring reporter, I deeply admire the superior quality of your reporting and the dedication your organization has towards serving the community.

During my tenure at ABC University, I honed my writing abilities to a remarkable extent. This was primarily achieved through the composition of numerous policy analyses papers for my academic coursework.

My role as a writer and editor for the monthly University Magazine provided me with the opportunity to contribute articles and assist fellow staff members in refining their own written works.

The combination of my research expertise, proficient writing skills, and innovative mindset instills in me the confidence to thrive in your company's internship program this summer. I firmly believe that my aptitude for producing informative pieces and meeting strict deadlines will greatly benefit your office.

Furthermore, my capacity to efficiently sift through and condense substantial volumes of data in a fast-paced environment will undoubtedly prove advantageous to your organization.

Enclosed herewith is my resume, which elaborates on my qualifications and skillset for the position. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me. I am eagerly looking forward to discussing my qualifications and capabilities with you personally.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Sincerely yours,
[Name of the Candidate]

Encl.: Resume