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Sample Cover Letter for Administrative Assistant job post

Administrative assistants are responsible for managing various office tasks and administrative responsibilities.

sample cover letter for administrative assistant job application
These include facilitating communication between colleagues and customers, coordinating schedules and events, inputting data, maintaining financial records, and ensuring the proper functioning of office equipment, among other duties.

Following cover letter is an example of how to write an application letter for getting an administrative assistant job position.


Your Name


The HR Manager
ABC Limited
Office Address

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am eager to formally apply for the administrative assistant position at ABC Limited. With a proven track record as an administrative assistant, I am convinced that my abilities and background would bring a valuable contribution to your team.

During my time as an administrative assistant at XYZ Limited, I oversee various administrative duties such as scheduling appointments, arranging travel plans, and handling expense reports. By efficiently managing these tasks, I was able to enhance productivity by 15% within the first five months of my employment.

With a focus on organization and attention to detail, I excel as an administrative assistant with expertise in planning, scheduling, and coordination. I have effectively managed busy calendars for executives by scheduling conference calls, arranging meetings, and coordinating travel logistics. Proficiency in Google Workspace, Microsoft Office Suite, and scheduling softwares has contributed to my success in this role.

Additionally, I have experience in handling customer interactions, including answering phone calls, responding to emails, and addressing inquiries. My strong communication skills were acknowledged by my present and previous employers.

My strong belief in the alignment of my skills, experience, and passion for administrative work with the requirements of the administrative assistant position at ABC Limited makes me an ideal candidate. The opportunity to contribute to your team and support your company in achieving its goals fills me with excitement. I extend my gratitude for considering my application.

Thank you.

Your Name

Encl.: Resume