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Bonus Cancellation Announcement Notice Mail to Employees (Templates)

Bonuses are paid to the employees as a mode of encouragement to do better in their performance. Some employers fail to pay bonuses to their employees because of reduced turnover and profit in one or more financial years.

It is important that the employers announce this news to their employees in a very decent way. Convey a sense of compassion and empathy in your announcement. Please refrain from delivering the announcement with a monotonous voice and an impassive expression.

Following examples are for how to nicely tell employees they are not getting bonuses. Please make necessary changes as you may think appropriate.


Date: _________

Name of the Employee
Name of the Department
Name of the Company

Dear Name,

I am reaching out to provide an update on our company's financial situation and the necessary steps we must take moving forward. Unfortunately, this year has presented us with unexpected challenges that have impacted our financial stability, leading to the difficult decision of not being able to provide annual bonuses to our employees.

Attaining exceptional levels of productivity and upholding the quality of service we deliver showcases the outstanding work ethic and dedication of our employees. We acknowledge the significance of this update and value your ongoing support and understanding amidst these difficult circumstances. While it is regrettable, we must make this decision to adhere to our financial limitations and ensure our long-term viability.

We are excitedly awaiting a time when we can properly acknowledge your outstanding contributions. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in this matter.

Sincerely yours,
Name of the Officer


Dear all,

We would like to bring to your attention that the (Organization Name) has faced a challenging year. As you may be aware, we have experienced a setback in our business due to the loss of four major contracts with (Business Name). The absence of these esteemed and profitable contracts has had a significant impact on our organization.

Consequently, in September, we were confronted with a crucial decision. We had to choose between laying off some of our employees or exploring alternative methods to reduce costs while preserving jobs. We are glad that we opted for the latter option.

Regrettably, due to financial limitations, we have been compelled to discontinue our annual Christmas bonus for our employees. This will be the first time since 1986 that we are unable to express our gratitude for your dedicated hard work and loyalty in this special way. We hope that 2025 will bring prosperity, enabling us to reinstate our traditional Christmas bonus policy.

We trust that you will cooperate with us during this challenging time.

Faithfully yours,
(Name of the Officer)
(Title / Designation)


Hello Team (Name),

We have reached a difficult decision to inform you that the company will not be providing monetary bonuses for the current year.

We want to assure you that this decision was not made without careful consideration, and we acknowledge that those of you who have received bonuses in the past were anticipating one for this year as well.

We understand the disappointment this may bring, and we want you to know that we genuinely care about your well-being and job satisfaction. We remain committed to supporting you and finding other meaningful ways to recognize your hard work and dedication.



Dear All,

It is with regret that we announce that the company will not be granting monetary bonuses for the current year.

We want to emphasize that this decision was not taken lightly, and we fully recognize that those of you who have received bonuses in previous years were anticipating one for this year as well. We want you to know that we genuinely understand your expectations and the impact this news may have on you.

We value your dedication and hard work, and we will continue to explore alternative ways to recognize and appreciate your contributions.

Yours truly,