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Complaint Letter against Recovery Agents (Templates)

Where can you file a complaint against a recovery agent? Or, what is the legal recourse you can against a person harassing you to recover a certain debt?

The answer is —

1. Initially, promptly lodge a police report under Section 506 of the Indian Penal Code. This particular section pertains to the consequences of intimidation, allowing the police to intervene with the involved recovery agencies/ agents. 

sample complaint letter against recovery agents
2. Otherwise, the debtor has the option to seek assistance from civil courts by filing a lawsuit to obtain an injunction against the recovery agencies/ agents.

3. Additionally, the borrower may contemplate submitting a complaint to the RBI ombudsman regarding the banks whose recovery agents/ agencies are engaging in harassment.


Ref: _________
Date: ________

The Grievance Department
Name of the Creditor Organization
Office Address


RE: Debt Account No: ______________.

I would like to file a complaint about the debt collection methods used by your recovery agents.

Your organization's representative, Mr. Full Name, has been reaching out to me frequently. In the last month alone, I have been contacted by him over 50 times via phone. It is worth mentioning that a few of these calls were made after 8pm.

Your representative conversed with a colleague of mine regarding the debt that I owe you. During this interaction, personal details about me, such as my home address and phone number, were solicited. This occurrence not only led to my embarrassment but also had a negative impact on my professional standing and violated my fundamental consumer rights.

I demand that this harassment come to an end at once. Should the harassment continue, I would not hesitate to take additional legal steps, which may include lodging a formal complaint with the police, consumer court and the apex financial institution of the country. Please ensure that all future communication related to this issue is in writing.

Name of the Person
Mob. ___________
Address: ________