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Congratulation Mail to Employee on Internal Job Promotion

Recognizing someone's accomplishments through congratulations shows a sincere level of care and serves as a thoughtful gesture to acknowledge success.

congratulations email to employee on internal job promotion
Showing interest in the goals of others, particularly in their professional endeavors, fosters a constructive atmosphere in the workplace. Extending congratulations for a deserved promotion can also serve as an effective networking tactic.

Here are samples of congratulations emails from a senior officer to an existing employee on his job promotion.


Dear [Candidate Name],

We are pleased to inform you of your recent promotion to the position of [position title] within the [department name] at [company name].

Your salary will commence at [amount] per [hour, month, year], with paychecks being issued [weekly, biweekly, monthly] starting from [date].

In order to familiarize yourself with your new role, you are required to undergo a [days, week, month] of training under the guidance of the [manager/supervisor], [department name].

Team [Company name] is excited to have you onboard in a new position. Should you have any inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

All the very best in your endeavours.

Warm regards,
Signature: ___________
Name: _______________
Title: ___________
Date: ________


Dear Janmenjay,

Congratulations on your recent promotion to the role of Marketing Manager within the Marketing Department at ABC Pvt Ltd.

Your starting salary will be set at INR 2,000,000 CTC per year, and you can expect to receive your pay on a monthly basis, beginning from April 1, 2024.

As per the company policy, you are required to undergo 20 days' of training at the company's head office at Kolkata under the supervision of Mr. Shailesh Jain, Marketing Head.

ABC Pvt Ltd is excited to nurture a positive working relationship with you. Should you have any queries, please feel free to reach out to your reporting officer i.e. Mr. Shailesh Jain, Marketing Head or contact us directly.

Best regards,
Prathamesh Shah
HR Manager
ABC Pvt Ltd