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Sample Donation Request Letter for Animal Shelter

Animal shelters rely on donations of food, bedding, and various supplies to meet the needs of abandoned animals. In addition to these essentials, many shelters require veterinary care, medical assistance, and spaying/neutering services.

By making a donation, you can contribute to providing the necessary care for these animals until they find a suitable home. If you are unable to donate money, there are still alternative ways in which you can offer your support.

Here is an example of how you can make a donation request for an animal shelter.


JPJ Animal Shelter
1234, New Jersey, US

May 26, 2021

DIT Pets Care
5678, New York, US

To whom it may concern:

Our mission at JPJ Animal Shelter is to rescue and rehabilitate injured animals in New Jersey, with the aim of preserving the world we inhabit. We firmly believe that it is our duty as individuals to protect and conserve the environment we share with wildlife.

Despite the significant progress we have made in our endeavors to preserve the biodiversity of our planet, there remains a considerable amount of work yet to be done.

Your help is essential for us to carry on with our mission. That is why we are requesting your kind consideration in donating to our ongoing campaign. We have recently received a number of animals that cannot be released back into the wild due to physical limitations. Your donation would be used to ensure these animals receive permanent care at our sanctuary.

Should you have any inquiries, feel free to reach out to me without any hesitation. I would be delighted to offer you additional information on how you can contribute to our wildlife conservation initiatives. To make a contribution, kindly visit our website at jpjanimalshelter . com or contact us directly at (010) 222-4567.

Matt Blanc
JPJ Animal Shelter