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Welcome Letter to Tenant from Landlord/ Property Manager

An informal Tenant Welcome Letter is the initial step in building a solid landlord/tenant relationship by introducing yourself to your tenant in a welcoming manner.

welcome letter to new tenants from landlord template
By sending a welcome letter, you can leave a lasting positive impression. This letter serves as a comprehensive guide for tenants, providing them with vital information about important details, regulations, and the procedure for rent payment, ensuring a smooth transition into their new home.

Following are the samples of welcome letters to tenants from landlords or property managers. Please modify suitably.

(Welcome Letter to Tenant from Landlord)

Dear James,

It brings us great joy to welcome you as a new tenant of ABC Apartments.

We encourage you to make use of the facilities we provide, including the swimming pool, sauna room, gym, and tennis court. We kindly ask that your guests park in the designated guest parking area to ensure a smooth experience for all residents.

Thank you for choosing ABC Apartments. We truly hope that your new living space is both comfortable and pleasant for you. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any assistance.

Best regards,
Shalini Sharma

(Welcome Letter to Tenant from Property Manager)

(Name of the Tenant)
(Phone Number)


Hi (Name),

We are delighted to extend our warmest welcome to you as our new tenants. We genuinely hope that you will find your new residence to be both comfortable and enjoyable. This letter serves as a valuable source of information, so we kindly request you to spare a few moments to carefully review this significant move-in letter.

Rent: Rent payment is required by the 1st day of each month, and it will be considered overdue if not received by the 3rd day. There are two payment options available: cash or wire transfer to our designated bank account.

Moving-in: The lease will commence on (Date), and you are welcome to move in at any time on or after that date. If you require the services of a moving truck or moving company, there is truck parking available at (Location).

Utilities: In accordance with the lease terms, you are obligated to pay for gas, water, electricity, cable, and internet services. It is imperative that you promptly arrange for the transfer of these utilities to your name to prevent any inconvenience. A list of utility companies can be provided upon request.

Maintenance: As per the lease agreement, you shall pay us monthly maintenance charges of (Amount) towards maintenance charges which include maintenance of elevators, society staff salaries, electricity bills for common areas, expenses for cleaning common areas and maintenance expenses for the lawn and gardening.

Insurance: Renters insurance is highly recommended to safeguard both you and your personal possessions in case of liability, theft, or damage. To determine the appropriate coverage for your needs, it is advisable to consult with a local insurance provider who can provide you with a quote.

Trash: Please ensure that you place garbage and recycling in their designated location. It is important to use the appropriate bins for each type of waste. Recycling collection takes place on Saturdays, while garbage collection occurs on alternate days.

Laundry: For the convenience of all residents, a shared laundry facility is available at (Location). The machines in this facility can be operated using coins or cards. Please remember to bring your own detergents and other laundry products when utilizing the facility.

I am confident that this information will support you in acclimating and making yourself at home.

Warm regards,
(Name of the Person)
Property Manager